+36 26 597 100 2025 Visegrád, Fő utca 92.



Hiking, Excursions


Dobogókő is one of the most frequented tourist centre of the Danube-band and of the Pilis-mountains. Here lies the Heart Chakra of the Earth and this gives extra energy to the tourists visiting this place. Next to the Dobogókő central car park there is the Tourist Memorial Park. Here you can visit the baron Lóránd Eötvös Hostel (now Tourist Museum). On the territory of the Tourist Memorial Park you can also find the memorial of hikers, who died in the World War I, which was erected in 1931. It is definitely worth visiting the look-out-tower, and on the path leading to the look-out-tower you can see the brass plaque of dr Ödön Téry, from 1926. Under the look-out-tower there is a path at the foot of a cliff, leading to the Maria Pilgrimage Point of Deaf and Dumb People. The Skiers’ Cafeteria, built in 1980 by the architect Imre Makovecz has been waiting the thirsty and hungry tourists and sports men and women for decades.

Two-minute-walk from here there is the first ski-course of Hungary, created in 1923. The course has been treated by snow treading machine since 2004. Course number 1 is 980 meters long, its upper part is steep, the lower part is easier. Course number 2 is 520 meters long and it is an alternative to the lower part of Course number 1. The lower parts are frequented by beginners and learners. The ski lift is 635 meters long, one of the longest in Hungary, its elevation is 178 meters.


On Mogyoró-hill you can also visit the Forest Cultural Centre, run by the Pilis Forestry, and the Forest and Environmental Camp. At the workshops children can learn about the forest, the forestry, about the great variety of flora and fauna, and about the hunting culture and animals that are permitted to hunt. This aim is also served by the Mogyoróhegy Wildlife Garden (little zoo), established in 1984.

There is a Nature-Education Path, created in 2002, which at its 10 stages shows the flora and fauna of the forests and the role of forests in human life. The brochure of the nature-education path can be bought at the Forest Cultural Centre.

In the forests of Mogyoró-hill there are several, artificially created nesting places for a great variety of birds.


Joust Tournaments

All year around there are joust tournaments organised on the stage of the “Lower Castle Open Air Theatre” performed by the Saint George knight order. The programs should be booked in advance for at least 30 people attending. Smaller parties can join the already pre-booked shows.

The show is performed in Hungarian, German, English and Italian, for other languages there is an interpreter service provided.

AThe auditorium of the joust tournament for 300 people is covered, the seats have cushions, so it can be enjoyed even in bad weather. In winter the joust tournament takes place in the Salamon tower with hot wine served.

Medieval Team Building - Knight Olympics

Together with the joust tournament, or independently there are team-building contests organised, which help the guests get familiar with the proper usage of the contemporary weapons and armouries.

Guided Tour in Royal Palace

Guided Tour of the Royal Palace with drinks and snacks served.

If you wish to attend any of the programs, called the “Joust Tournament”, or the “Medieval Team-Building – Knights Olympics”, or the “Guided Tour of the Royal Palace”, you can book it at our Hotel Reception.

Visegrád Bob-Slide (summer - winter)

In Visegrád next to Nagyvillám look-out-tower there are two bob-slides on the hill. The facility has been operating since 1991, and since 2002 there are two slides for the tourists wishing to relax in excitement: the summer bob-slide can only be used in summer, but the other Alpine bob-slide can be used in every weather conditions. In the case of rain or snow the bob cars are protected by plastic cover. It is a fantastic experience for every generation! It is accessible from the road 11, and there is a huge car park. It is open every day all around the year!

Ticket Price
Adult ticket (for 1 ride) 370 HUF
Adult ticket (for 10 rides) 3000 HUF
Child ticket (for 1 ride) 300 HUF
Child ticket (for 10 rides) 2400 HUF

More information: www.bobozas.hu/visegrad/

Canopy Cable Course

All you have to do is to try Hungary’s first Canopy cable course to understand the excellent choice of location. The start is behind the Vadászcsárda restaurant on Nagyvillám, and the extreme sports lovers sliding down can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Castle ruins, the Danube-band, and the Börzsöny and Pilis mountains.

  • Price: 3,900 HUF/person
  • Open: from March to mid-November; Tuesday-Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Address: 2025 Visegrád, Mátyás u. 2.
  • Telephone: +36 30 246 3381
Paragliding and Pleasure Flights

In Dunabogdány everybody is most welcome, who wants to try paragliding. The experience of paragliding can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of sex or age. If you try this sport, you will be richer by an unforgettable experience!

Horse-Coach ride at the Danube-band

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Danube-band from a horse-coach ride! You will be presented not only all the natural beauty of the Danube-band, but its original atmosphere as well.

Rides are available on every day, starting from Dömös. (At the Camp site or at the Riding School at Gizellamajor) with one hour riding time.

Rides can be booked by minimum 3 people, for 3,300 HUF / person. For further information, please contact our Hotel reception.

Botanic Garden in Visegrad

The Botanic Garden opened in 1979. It is a protected wildlife territory.

Walking on the well-marked paths of the Botanic Garden you can enjoy and learn the names of many hundred-year-old trees, young pine trees, shrubs and bushes, which you might or might not be familiar with.

Weekend Boat Trips



The double castle system was built around 1250-1260 by Béla IV and his wife, Mária Lascaris from the price of her jewellery brought here from Byzantine. The castle consists of the walls circling the hill, two towers and the palace. The castle was expended and modernised several times during the centuries by different monarchs from the Anjou-kings to Mathias Hunyadi.

There are several interesting exhibitions for the visitors: 

  • The history of the Castle 
  • Reconstructed model-fortress, castle
  • The history of the Royal Crown
  • Wax Museum
  • Hunting, fishing and agricultural exhibition

Getting there by car and by bicycle:

For the castle turn off the Road 11 at Rév street, past the Saint John the Baptist Church, go down King Mathias street, then up the Panoráma serpentine to the top of the hill. Its about 7 kms from our Hotel.

Getting there on foot:

Starting point: Visegrád-Nagymaros Ferry crossing. 

Go along Rév street opposite the Ferry station about 500 meters, then at the Saint John the Baptist Church turn left into Fő street, go about 200 meters, then turn right into a narrow alley, which leads to the Kálvária steps. Then follow the tourist path leading towards the Kálvária hill. It starts from the Kálvária steps, passes the Kálvária Chapel, built in 1853, and goes up the south-western side of Castle hill to the Castle (approximately 45 minutes).

Tourist information:

  • Adults: 1.500 HUF
  • Students and senior citizens: 750 HUF
  • Telephon: +36 26 598 080, +36 26 598 082
  • GPS coordinates: 47.7862 / 18.97
King Mathias Museum

The main task of King Mathias Museum as an affiliate of the Hungarian National Museum is to discover, collect, maintain and exhibit the archaeological and historical findings in Visegrád. The exhibitions of the Museum can be seen at the restored rooms of the Salamon tower and the Royal Palace. It has a significant archaeological- and stone-collection, but it also features a local history collection mainly from the 18-19. centuries, and a photo-, drawings- and text collection. The Museum focuses on the research of the material culture and architecture of the Roman limes and that of the late middle ages.

The exhibitions at the early-gothic Salamon tower present the history of Visegrád from the pre-historic times to the end of the Turkish occupation, and the gothic and renaissance fountains and sculptures of the Royal Palace can also be seen here. At the restored rooms of the Royal Palace the archaeological findings, stone carvings and reconstructed medieval interiors can be visited.

One of its most remarkable exhibits is the Hercules-fountain from the period of King Mathias, which is the first significant example of the renaissance sculpting outside Italy.

At the Castle the copy of the Hungarian Royal Crown can be seen. The Museum has quite a big library open to the public. The standard exhibitions can be visited free of charge.

Tourist information:

  • Telephone: + 36 26 597 010, + 36 26 398 026
  • Address: 2025 Visegrád, Fő utca 23.
  • Home page: www.visegradmuzeum.hu
  • GPS coordinates: 47.7796 / 18.9683

Opening hours

Opening hours Monday Tuesday-Sunday
Royal Palace closed* 09:00-17:00
*whole year
Salamon tower closed* 09:00-17:00
**from May 1 to September 30
Royal Palace

The reconstructed parts of the Royal Palace show gothic and renaissance style features. For a certain period this was the official centre of Hungarian monarchs, and then it became their summer residence. The Palace, built in a terraced-design, consists of three major parts: the northern Mathias palace, the Chapel, and the southern Beatrix palace. Originally the Palace-complex had 350 halls and rooms.We know this from Antonio Bonfini’s book, who was one of the humanists at the court of King Mathias. He also described the hanging garden, the halls and the fountains of the Palace. From these fountains two are still in operation in the inner courts. The Lion fountain made of red marble stands in the court on the fourth level. The other red marble fountain, which is considered the most beautiful Hungarian renaissance sculpture, is in the upper court. The building of the Museum and the Stone collection are right next to the excavation area. In every summer there some period-shows re-enacting historical events. The garden of the Palace is accessible by wheel chairs.

The standard exhibitions of the Royal Palace:

Stone collection from the Anjou-period Stone collection from the Mathias-period The Royal Palace at the Anjou- and King Zsigmond-period
The Royal Palace at the Mathias-period (Jagellos and János Szapolyai) The interiors of the Royal Palace at the Mathias-period Vestry – The beginnings of the renaissance art in Hungary
Hercules-fountain Kitchen from the Mathias- period Room from the Zsigmond-period
The Bath of the Palace The Garden of the Palace

Tourist information:

  • Tickets for Adults: 1.100 HUF
  • Students and senior citizens: 550 HUF
  • Open: all year around: 9:00 – 17:00 (Closed on Mondays, except on national holidays)
  • Telephone:+ 36 26 597 010
  • Homepage: www.visegradmuzeum.hu
  • GPS coordiates: 47.7796 / 18.9683
Salamon Tower

The residential tower of the Lower Castle, called Salamon tower, was built in the 13. century. It is almost unique in the contemporary Hungarian architecture. It has been ruined several times and then restored; now it is a museum. The Lower Castle consisted of walls fortified by a Gate Tower, several Sentry Towers and one Residential Tower. It served three functions: it was a residence for the monarch, a residence for the landlord and a military fortress. It was linked to the Upper Castle by a valley-protecting wall, which went all the way down to the Sentry Tower at the Danube-bank. The main entrance of the Salamon tower opened from the first floor, the rooms here were heated by fireplaces with columns and were lit through richly framed twin-windows. At the sixth floor there was a terrace surrounded by high walls with passage ways, from here one could step out to the outside corridor of the terrace.

The standard exhibitions of the Salamon tower:

  • The 14. century Fountain of the Royal Palace
  • The history of Visegrád from the beginning to 1242
  • The history of Visegrád from 1242 to 1945

Getting there by car:

If you come from Budapest on the road 11 turn left and up the hill after Szent-Györgypuszta, before reaching Visegrád. Go up the serpentine and after a sharp left turn park at the car park beside the road. From here you can walk down to the Salamon tower.

Tourist Information:

  • Tickets for Adults: 600 HUF
  • Students and senior citizens: 300 HUF
  • Open: form 1 May to 30 September (Closed on Mondays, except on national holidays) 9:00 – 17:00
  • Telephone: +36 26 398 026
  • Address: Visegrád, Salamon-torony u.
  • GPS coordinations: 47.7942 / 18.975