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Wellness & Spa

The meaning of the word 'wellness' is the general well-being. Well-being of the body, of the soul, of the mind.

The spa and wellness world of our Hotel offers you a complex health care program which not only unwinds you, but also enables you to indulge in all the activities that result in complete and undisturbed relaxation. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life we suffer so many harmful effects that we genuinly need some 'professionally facilitated relaxation'.

Our intention is to make you able to carry on with your job and profession with renewed strength and refreshed energy by using thousand-year-old techniques like baths and massages. In our massage rooms you will be met by professional massaeurs trained abroad. You should not miss our aroma- salt- and light therapy saunas, the bubble-bath, the Kneipp treading pool, the pampering Algologie treatments, the Himalayan salt crystal relaxation room, the healthy and delicious dishes, the relaxation and the thalasso-therapy either! Each of these will have a fantastic effect on you, we can guaranteethat!