Enjoy the wellness facility with longer opening hours

Our wellness is open every day until 11 p.m., after 7 p.m. only for our guests above 16 years of age.


Wellness & SPA

When the great weather arrives, you can enjoy our outdoor swimming pool.

Depth: 1,4 m Length: 10 m Temperature: 22-30 °C

You can enjoy our indoor swimming pool in case of rainy weather or in the winter time.

Depth: 1,2 m Length: 9,5 m Temperature: 26-28 °C

This pool promises a true wellness experience, the body temperature water relaxes and the water jets massages all muscle groups of your body.

Depth: 0,8 m Length: 3,5 m Width: 3 m Temperature: 34-36 °C

The indoor paddling pool is suitable even for first time water experiences, as its temperature and water depth are just right for the little ones.

Depth: 0,3 m Length: 1,8 m Temperature: 34-36 °C

This spa treatment developed by Sebastian Kneipp is based on mild stimuli by the alternation of hot and cold water. The alternation stimulates metabolism and blood circulation. Relaxing in the evening, refreshing during the day! Step on the stones carefully to stimulate your reflex zones, which according to Chinese medicine has a beneficial effect on our internal organs and the nervous system.

Sauna is both relaxing and refreshing. It helps to preserve our health, which has a beneficial effect on body, mind and soul. Some of the health-preserving effects of sauna, such as stress relief, strengthening the immune system, promoting good metabolism, preserving skin tension.

Infrared saunas are heated with infrared rays instead of an electric or wooden stove. Infrared rays belong to the invisible light range at a wavelength of 2 to 25 micrometers. They penetrate deep into the body and heat it from the inside. The blood vessels dilate, making blood circulation continuous, speeding up metabolism, increasing the body’s resilience.

Try one of our refreshing massages!

Our hotel offers a wide range of massages that help prevent and cure various diseases, refresh muscles, skin and blood circulation, and have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.


Relax in our salt room!

This is the jewel and the most cozy and intimate points of the hotel! 

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